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Spearfish Canyon, The VC, and other
Black Hills Limestone Guidebook

Guide Cover

By Mike Cronin

Purchase The Guide Book directly from this site and 5% of the sale goes to bolt and anchor replacement.

This guidebook holds information for 718 sport rock climbing routes, on some of the most brilliant limestone in the United States. It features full color wall photos, along with route, eats, sheets, and treats beta.  Numerous photos, from an array of photographers, make this guidebook a must have for Black Hills Rock Climbing.

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Other Black Hills Area Climbing Guide Books

The Needles of Rushmore

Nearly 30 years since the release of Paul Piana’s Touch the Sky, Rushmore Needles is a fully comprehensive update to the mystical treasure map of the granite in the Southern Black Hills (east of Harney Peak). The book includes over 900 detailed routes from Palmer Gulch to Remington Road, including the popular sport climbing area, Mt. Rushmore. Rushmore Needles transcends guidebooks with the creative work of coauthor, Andrew Burr (senior photographer of Climbing magazine). Combine the stunning Burr photography with the meticulously sculpted route descriptions and Rushmore Needles sets a new benchmark for rock climbing guidebooks.

Busse, Andrew & Burr, Andrew. The Needles of Rushmore. Boulder, CO: Fixed Pin Publishing, 2012. ISBN 978-0-9819016-4-0
$35.95 + 5.65 shipping

The Needles of Rushmore